food. friends. music. charity.

Join the Lakeland Pigfest Board of Directors and the over 150 competition barbecue teams for a weekend of good eatin’, good friends, and good tunes to benefit Lakeland-area charities as we kick off the 20th Annual Lakeland Pigfest!

admission and pig bucks

Admission to Lakeland Pigfest 2016 will be free.  The good eatin’ will cost you some grub. Stop by a Pig Bucks booth (located near all entrances) and exchange your cash for Pig Bucks, the official currency of the Lakeland Pig Fest.  By purchasing food from competition teams, you are supporting their efforts and local charities.

“We are a non-profit whose goal is to connect people,
celebrate world class barbeque, and give back to
our community.”